Healing Points Issue 45

Provided by Richard Grossman, L.Ac., O.M.D., Ph.D.

Volume 5, Issue 44
Tuesday, February 09, 2010

This month in Healing Points Healthblog

Every day I read dozens of sites to find up to the minute news that is important to maintaining and improving health.  Some of the recent highlights from February are listed below. Click here to read the full HealthBlog. 

  • Many Cancer Patients Turn to Complementary Therapies for Healing
  • Lowly Weeds May Hold Promise For Curing Host Of Common Health Woes 
  • Exercise More Critical Than Calcium For Adolescent Bones
  • Synthetic Hormone Used In Contraceptives And HRT Produces Negative Effects In Monkey Studies 
  • Thimerosal, Found In Childhood Vaccines, Can Increase The Risk Of Autism-like Damage In Mice
  • Antibiotics linked to huge rise in allergies
  • Nearly One-third Of The Calories In The US Diet Comprised Of Junk Food, Researcher Finds
  • Yo-yo Dieting May Have A Long-term Negative Effect On Immune Function
  • Study Says Condoms Contain Cancer-Causing Substance
  • Eating Some Types Of Fish During Pregnancy May Protect Baby From Future Asthma
  • Researchers Discover That A Protein In Grape Skins Can Kill Cancer Cells
  • White Tea Beats Green Tea In Fighting Germs
  • More Than One-Third of U.S. Adults Use Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  • Soy May Lower Colon Cancer Risk 
  • Worms May Help Bowel Disorders 
  • Birth Control Shot Linked to Bone Thinning 
  • Breastfeeding Cuts Cardiovascular Risk


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In the last issue of Healing Points News, I mentioned that I would be going to Peru for an extended medical expedition to the Upper Amazon.  Unfortunately circumstances in my life have changed to make that not possible at this time.  Fortunately, It means that I will continue to be here for my patients and for those who wish to participate in soundJourney events. 

I am also happy to announce that I have a new website for the Healing Sound work: www.soundJourney.com.  It's in it's beginning stages now, but will continue to develop.

On  Monday June 21, 2004  a soundJourney will be held at The Elder Tree, at 120 North Topanga Canyon Blvd., Suite 117,  in Topanga Canyon. You can find directions on MapQuest.

These events continue to be amazing.  As one participant said: It's a cellular journey into the Cosmos."  If you haven't experienced a soundJourney yet, you are missing a treat! 

The time will be from 7:30 till about 9:00pm, and a $15.00 donation is requested.

If you can't make this one, the next soundJourney will be held on July 19, 2004, mark your calendars!  A full schedule for 2004 can be found at my Calendar of Events page, and at www.soundjourney.com 



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shining, void, and inseparable from the Great Body of Radiance,

hath no birth, nor death,

and is the Immutable Boundless Light.



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