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Volume 7, Issue 51
February 06, 2006

As an American Jewish practitioner of Asian Medicine, I get to celebrate three "New Years" every year. So at the beginning of each year I have three separate opportunities to reflect on the past, the present and the future. It has also been one year now since the death of my mother, which certainly causes deep reflection on what this life is about.

One of the deepest questions I am asking is one that has occupied my life for many years: What is the difference between a doctor and a healer? And, even deeper, what is this thing that we call healing?

Several people have asked me why a successful doctor would choose to re-create himself as a musician. The answer has very much to do with these questions, and another one: How can I further healing? Not only of the individuals that come to me for help. How can I participate in the deeply vital healing of our human species?

As a doctor, I have dealt with illness, pain, suffering, and disease. I have become successful in either alleviating or curing patients from many of the common ills that plague our times. And yet, all too often, I have seen that while the physical symptoms of these illnesses may disappear, the underlying angst of an unhealed life and heart often remains. In other words, the person may have been cured, but they were not healed. For many people, this is enough. As a doctor, I would consider it a great success.
Yet as a healer . . . ?

At other times I have been privileged to witness and share in moments where, beyond the curing of an illness, the person  was transformed at a fundamental level of their being; hence their very life was transformed and became something brighter, more beautiful, and more of a contribution to this world.

This is a realm of paradox. Ideally, healing and curing walk hand-in-hand. As the body gets well through the use of acupuncture, nutrition, herbs, etc., the Soul/Spirit (for lack of a better term) will heal. As the Soul/Spirit heals, the body will experience improved health. Yet a person may experience a profound healing and not have their disease cured. There can even be healing at the deepest possible levels, and the patient might not recover from their illness. As a doctor, I might not recognize this level of healing; I might even consider it a failure if a patient isn't cured. But as a healer, it motivates my life.

Music and sound have always been essential tools of the indigenous healers and shamans. These healers have been called "technicians of ecstasy," for they work at a level requiring deeply enhanced consciousness. This process is called "journeying". It is through deep inner journeying that a person can find, release, and ultimately heal the impressions and scars that exist on the Soul/Spirit and that often lie at the roots of illness.

evolved as a way to join these two worlds. It walks alongside my in-office medical practice and provides a way to offer this deep level of healing to others. Ideally, to many others. The people of this world need doctors and relief from illness and disease, but it is vital that there be healers and healing as well. soundJourney is one of my contribution in this regard. I invite you to walk this Journey with me.

Blessings and Peace,


Schedule of Upcoming Events:

February 17, 2005

soundJourney at The Regenesis Center

On Friday, February 17, 2006, a soundJourney event will be held at The Regenesis Center in Santa Monica. The event starts at 8:00, and due to the intense inner nature of the soundJourney experience, there will be no admittance after 8:20.

"soundJourney is transformation via sound. Using indigenous instruments combined with modern technology, Richard Grossman weaves a spell of shamanic sound, vibration, healing, and Love."

From participants in the last soundJourney experience:

I felt my feet electrify with some energy and become completely grounded . . . Very liberating!
    -Andrew Jason, Los Angeles

Awesome!  Like riding a 3-D multidimensional holographic wave into infinity . . .
    -James B. Hopkins, D.C., Los Angeles

It certainly was a Journey!  I fell into a dream-like state filled with magical encounters.  Epic!
    -Isabel Marmanillo, Los Angeles

Tickets are $25.00 if paid in advance, $30.00 at the door.

Phoenix Rising with Yuan Miao


A mythical bird that burned
itself to ashes,
and rose from the ashes
to live again.

On February 24, 2006, Richard will be performing with the extraordinary Chinese/Tibetan vocalist, Yuan Miao.

Friday, February 24, 7:30 PM
Magnin Auditorium, Skirball Center
2701 North Sepulveda Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90049

Sunday, March 19, 2:30 PM
Agape Spiritual Center
5700 Buckingham Parkway
Culver City, CA 90230

Concert Tickets: $25

For Tickets or information on Yuan Miao and the New Century Foundation, visit www.newcenturyfoundation.com or call (626) 462-1998. Also, www.skirball.org and www.agapelive.com.

Return to the Amazon

I have been invited to attend the second annual Conference on Indigenous Medicine in Peru in the Summer.  More news on that as it progresses. I may be leading a retreat to the Amazon to work with indigenous healers as well.  If this interests you, please let me know and I'll keep you informed.



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