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Volume 7, Issue 54
July 08, 2006

Healing Points
Amazon Edition 1

As many of you know, I am writing this from the Peruvian Amazon where I will be until the end of August.  The 2nd Annual Conference on Indigenous Healing has just finished, and it has been 10 days of learning, growth, meeting healers from around the world, and working with and getting to know wonderful indigenous shamans from Peru, Ecuador and Peru.

People came from North America, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Many countries in Europe, Israel, and even one shaman from Lapland, far above the arctic circle. It was there where the word Shaman probably originated.  Now it has spread to throughout virtually every continent on the planet as the term for healers who, while respecting the ways of modern medicine, follow the old ways of healing with natural medicines, prayer, music, song, and spirit.

To us of the so-called civilized world, their actions and techniques may appear primitive and superstitious. Yet many are master healers, able to take people through levels of healing so deep that seemingly incurable diseases can be healed as if by magic.  Translating their technology and understanding how this occurs is the work of psychology, biochemistry, botany, neurochemistry, spirituality, and more.

For example, the beautiful tree frog above has been used as a medicine in the Amazon basin for thousands of years.  The Medusa tree frog secrets a liquid from glands on it's back when it's under stress.  This "sweat" as the Matis Tribe call it here, contains more biologically active alkaloids than anything else known to science.  It's being studied in the United States by the National Institute of Health as a possible treatment for cancer, heart disease, and many other conditions.  And it's just one of tens of thousands of substances from this remarkable area.

Introducing Tracy Ng

I am very happy to let you know that Dr. Tracy Ng will be covering my practice during the time I pursue my studies and lead the Journey to the Amazon Retreat in Peru.  I have known Dr. Ng for several years and I have watched her grow into a most competent and compassionate healer and physician. It is with the greatest degree of trust and confidence that I place you in her competent and knowledgeable hands. I strongly recommend that if you have been under my care, that you continue your care with Tracy until I return.

Journey to the Amazon

Summer 2006


There are still a couple openings available for the Journey to the Amazon Retreat, and it's not too late to join us for what will certainly be a most remarkable experience.

This is truly going to be an incredible and very profound experience. It will also be an amazing adventure! The level of healing that will occur happens at a depth that is literally life-transforming. If you are interested in joining me on this adventure into healing, Click Here to find out if this Journey is right for you and how to


Upcoming Events:


soundJourney at
The Regenesis Center

Sept. 22, 2006

On Friday, September 22, 2006, a soundJourney event will be held at The Regenesis Center in Santa Monica. The event starts at 8:00, and due to the focused inner nature of the soundJourney experience, there will be no admittance after 8:20.

"soundJourney is transformation via sound. Using indigenous instruments combined with modern technology, Richard Grossman weaves a spell of shamanic sound, vibration, healing, and Love."

Tickets are $25.00 if paid in advance, $30.00 at the door. Please call The Regenesis Center for more information and to purchase admission. 

(310) 581-2450

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