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Volume 7, Issue 57
December 02, 2006


If the only prayer you ever said in your life was

Thank You

That would be sufficient.

Meister Ekhardt


Note:  I started trying to send this newsletter out on the 15th of November.  Unfortunately my email program crashed and customer support was out on vacation or ill.  So it's a bit of a dated Thanksgiving message, but like all good messages remains relevant at all times. 

Many years ago I heard a story about a man who lived in India.  His life, by anyone's standards would be considered blessed.  So much good had come his way - far more than could be expected for any one person.  And he accepted it all as a gift and as a blessing.  One day, he found himself in the midst of a riot.  As he was trying to leave, a stray brick a rioter had thrown hit him square in the middle of his back.  As you can imagine, the pain was unbearable, and as he fell to the ground his friend heard his say: Please Lord, let me accept Your bitter gifts with the same grace and joy with which I have received Your sweet gifts.

This has been a year for me filled with both sweetness and bitterness.  Sweet because of the gift I have been given to help people heal.  Sweet because of the success and beauty of the last Journey to Peru, sweet because of the growing recognition I have that every moment is an opportunity for continued growth and understanding and wisdom. Sweet for all the love and support I have received from friends and family.

Yet the bitterness was deep.  Two friends met deaths that happened far too soon in their lives.  My precious dog, Dassi, also died a little over a month ago.  Yet each of these losses, deep and painful though they may have been and will continue to be, had within them deep beauty, for I did have the opportunity to share some time and space with these wonderful beings. I did recognize and share their gifts and friendship.  I did see in their passings, the hundreds of lives each in their own way touched.  They all succeeded in living their lives in ways that enriched all who met them.

As we approach this Day of Thanks, let us remember to be thankful not only for the sweet gifts we have received, but for all the gifts this experience of life gives to us.  To realize and remember that truly, every moment that we are alive is a miracle.  Every breath a gift that will never be replaced.  Each second an opportunity to open up a heart to the most beautiful and highest of human emotions:  Gratitude.

Thank you for being here.  Thank you for reading my words.  Thank you for being, even if we never meet, part of my life. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

to Peru



The Heart Feather website is now up and running.  You can see slide shows of the last Heart Feather Shamanic Journey to Peru, read about some experiences from that trip, and learn more about upcoming Journeys. 

If you feel called for healing at the deepest levels, I would like to invite you to attend one of the upcoming Journeys. They are truly incredible and very profound experiences. It will also be an amazing adventure as we visit both the highlands of the Andean high country, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, and then travel to the jungle and work deeply with a traditional shaman. The level of healing that will occur happens at a depth that is literally life-transforming. More information at

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soundJourney at
Yoga Desa in Topanga Canyon

December. 9, 2006

On Saturday, December 9, 2006, a soundJourney event will be held at Yoga Desa at 120 North Topanga Canyon Blvd, in Pine Tree Circle in Topanga Canyon. The event starts at 8:00, and due to the focused inner nature of the soundJourney experience, there will be no admittance after 8:20.

"soundJourney is transformation via sound. Using indigenous instruments combined with modern technology, Richard Grossman weaves a spell of shamanic sound, vibration, healing, and Love."

Tickets are $20.00 if paid in advance, $25.00 at the door.  0) 293-9475 for more information


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