Healing Points New Year's Newsletter

News for the beginning of 2009

Each new year brings with it the hope of new beginnings.  We leave behind the old, and look forward to the new.  It is at it's best, a holiday of hope.  Yet it passes and within a short period of time it's all to easy to find oneself with forgotten resolutions and unremembered hopes. 

So I start this newsletter with this:  That the renewal and hope of the New Year will be remembered in each moment of the coming year and in all years to come.  That every day, every moment, every breath will bring to you a constantly unfolding and infinite awakening to the beauty, joy and love that resides in your deepest heart within which is the Truth of who you are. 

Personal News

As many of you know, I have been on an extended sabbatical from my acupuncture practice.  It all started a bit under a year ago, just before the summer Journey to the Amazon when I slipped and almost fell, in the process rather badly re-injuring an old martial arts problem in my low back. Partially because of the stresses of travel it was re-inured several times on the Journey.  As I was unable to accomplish the physical strain of patient treatment, I decided to take an extended time off for my own healing.  Fortunately the healing is progressing, slowly but steadily. 

I welcome this as an opportunity to renew my deep commitment to healing with the recognition that again, it is time to explore new avenues of the healing journey and how I can contribute even more to the universal process of healing. 

Upcoming soundJourney Concert

I am please to announce the first soundJourney of 2009.  This will take place in Culver City on January 24th at 6:00pm.  For more information and to purchase the very limited tickets, please go to brownpapertickets.com

Journey to the Amazon

Plans are underway for the 4th annual Journey to the Amazon.  This is an amazing opportunity for anyone who wishes to experience and explore both deep shamanic healing and the incredible beauty of the Amazonian rain forest.  On the last Journey, we not only experienced one magical week in a beautiful jungle lodge with three powerful healers, but also took a one week luxury cruise deep into the virgin jungle.  This years Journey will be limited to 25 people.  I can't even express in words how meaningful and wonderful these experiences are for all who attend. Truly a new world is opened and explored. It is, without exaggeration, a Journey of a lifetime.>On this journey you will have the opportunity to:

  •  Work with healing your childhood and past traumas
  •  Experience profound levels of emotional healing
  •  Discover new ways to create your future.
  •  Get unstuck from old belief systems and patterns.
  •  Deeply detoxify body mind and spirit
  •  Take real step towards rediscovering the true You.
  •  Realize powerful shifts that will change and improve your life.
  • And, have a great time exploring the wonders of the Upper Amazon.  We'll visit several native villages and learn about their culture, arts, and way of life, take guided hikes through the jungle, experience the beauty of jungle river travel, and much more. 

The exact dates are not yet set, but it will be in late Spring or early Summer. For more information please visit heartfeather.com.  If this interests you, please contact me via email and I'll keep you fully posted.

Heart Feather Foundation

Ayni is a Quechua word that means "sacred reciprocity".  Those of you who have followed my story over the last 5 years know that I have received much from the culture and traditions of Peruvian Shamanism.  The Heart Feather Foundation is my best attempt to give back to those who have given me so much, to participate in Ayni.

The mission of HeartFeather is to support South American Shamanic healers in maintaining their traditional knowledge and wisdom.

Further, in exposing people of other backgrounds and nationalities to the healing powers of the medicines of the Upper Amazonian and Andean regions,  we will help to gain the financial resources to aid the indigenous healers in their work. 

HeartFeather will acquire land dedicated to the growth and study of traditional medicinal plants and for the protection of remaining natural ecosystems. 

Through this we will promote the return of acquired land to the indigenous healers who will help in preservation and the restoration of land ravaged by resource extraction.

Your donations and support are greatly appreciated!  



Online Photo Gallery and Store

After hearing so many people asking me to display and make my photographs available for purchase, I opened up an online photo gallery where you explore some of my favorite pictures.  Each tells an amazing story, and they make wonderful gifts!  Please drop by for a visit!  eyesoftheheart.zenfolio.com