Heart Feather and Dr. Richard Grossman announce
The 4th Annual Journey to Peru
June 18-July 3, 2009



The 4th Annual Journey to Peru will be a very special experience for all who attend. This year I'm teaming up with two amazing people to make this the best trip ever! 

Catalina Ureta has spent many years working with helping people understand and release trauma and has helped thousands of people reclaim their lives.

Martin Ball is an author, musician, and hosts a popular online radio show.

Both bring many years of experience in healing and personal transformation. You can learn more about them (and me) here. 



The time I have spent in Peru with Richard has affected my life in a dramatic way.  The medicines that were chosen for my physical and spiritual health brought rejuvenation and healing to parts of my body that were unwell for years.  

My emotional health was optimized as well through the daily contact with the people at the retreat center.  Their spirit of service is genuine, and their affection and care made me want to go back. 

The Amazonian rainforest is gentle in that area, and so amazingly beautiful.  I felt safe and well looked after.   I will join Richard's group again as soon as it is possible.

New for 2009!

The most exciting news is that this year, rather than a separate Andean Journey and a journey to the Amazon, we will combine the two together.  This is an amazing opportunity to experience the beauty of the Andes, the wonder of Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley, the history of Cuzco, and the magic and wonder of the Upper Amazon. A full itinerary can be found at 2009 Journey to Peru itinerary.



This was probably the most transformational journey that I have taken to date.

All of my senses (mostly my sense of intuition) experienced massive growth as I came to know more about "what's going on" on this planet and beyond.

I am grateful for the courage given to Richard to lead such a powerful journey, as well as the courage I am given to have taken it.

Some of what you will experience:

  • Explore and experience two widely diverse Peruvian healing cultures and rituals.
  • Visit historic and archeological sites with expert, English speaking guides.
  • Work with healing your childhood and past traumas.
  • Experience profound levels of emotional healing and freedom.
  • Discover new ways to create your future.
  • Get unstuck from old belief systems and patterns.
  • Deeply detoxify body mind and spirit
  • Take real step towards rediscovering the true You.
  • Realize powerful shifts that will change and improve your life.
  • Take home amazing photographic memories and indigenous arts and crafts.
  • And, have a great time exploring the wonders of the Upper Amazon.  We'll visit several native villages and learn about their culture, arts, and way of life, take guided hikes through the jungle, experience the beauty of jungle river travel, and much more. 


The retreat to Peru was one of the most amazing experiences of my entire life. The beauty, the animals, and the level of self discovery was inspiring beyond measure.

This was a truly magical journey into the Soul by way of the jungle. Thank you Richard!

I can't even express in words how beautiful,  meaningful and wonderful these experiences are for all who attend.

Truly, new worlds are opened and explored.

Healing and growth occur on levels never imagined.

It is, without exaggeration, a Journey of a lifetime.


Richard is an amazing, transformational healer. His natural, intuitive healing abilities combined with his many years of experience and study with shamanic leaders in Peru makes him a maestro in his own right. In other words, he walks the walk and talks the talk. The key to his success is simple: He has the heart of a shaman utilized through love, compassion and service to others.

Go on one of Richard's journeys and you can't help but come back a changed person. I did.

I would like to acknowledge the shaman I was honored to learn and receive from. He radiated pure love and healing. 

Thanks, Richard!

  - Robin



The cost of this 10-day journey is only $3295 USD.  This covers all expenses within Peru other than airfare from your home to the Andes and airfare from the Iquitos to your home, plus souvenirs, and gratuities from the heart offered to those who will be helping us beyond the value of money.

To fill out the application and for more information please visit heartfeather.com.

Thank you,

Richard Grossman




The Heart Feather Foundation

Ayni is a Quechua word that means "sacred reciprocity".  Those of you who have followed my story over the last 5 years know that I have received much from the culture and traditions of Peruvian Shamanism.  The Heart Feather Foundation is my best attempt to give back to those who have given me so much, to participate in Ayni.

The mission of Heart Feather is to support South American Shamanic healers in maintaining their traditional knowledge and wisdom.

Further, in exposing people of other backgrounds and nationalities to the healing powers of the medicines of the Upper Amazonian and Andean regions,  we will help to gain the financial resources to aid the indigenous healers in their work. 

Heart Feather will acquire land dedicated to the growth and study of traditional medicinal plants and for the protection of remaining natural ecosystems. 

Through this we will promote the return of acquired land to the indigenous healers who will help in preservation and the restoration of land ravaged by resource extraction.

A portion of all money received for Heart Feather Journeys is donated directly to The Heart Feather Foundation. Your donations and support are also greatly appreciated!  


Online Photo Gallery

Most of the photos displayed here, plus many more are available for viewing and purchase at  eyesoftheheart.zenfolio.com. A portion of all recipts is donated to The Heart Feather Foundation.



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