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October/November 2009 - #62 

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  • Journey to Peru - Spring 2010 with Sound Healer extraordinaire Tito la Rosa!

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  • Why and how to support Heart Feather

The time I have spent in Peru with Richard has affected my life in a dramatic way.  The medicines that were chosen for my physical and spiritual health brought rejuvenation and healing to parts of my body that were unwell for years.  
My emotional health was optimized as well through the daily contact with the people at the retreat center.  Their spirit of service is genuine, and their affection and care made me want to go back. 
The Amazonian rainforest is gentle in that area, and so amazingly beautiful.  I felt safe and well looked after.   I will join Richard's group again as soon as it is possible.


Journey to Peru Spring 2010


Tito la Rosa Joins Heartfeather!

One of the most exciting things about leading journeys to Peru are the amazing people I have met and have the privilege to work with and to share with participants in the Journey.  I am so pleased and happy to announce that in Spring of 2010 we will be sharing the Journey with master sound healer Tito la Rosa.  Tito is a recognized in Peru as a national treasure and as a specialist in pre-Columbian musical instruments. 

Tito was the featured guest artist on New Age superstar Kitaro’s 2001 Grammy-winning CD “Thinking of You,” La Rosa has toured with Kitaro in Japan.

 “His attraction to the Spirit dimension and his love of all things from the natural world allow him to traverse musical landscapes with tranquility and deep passion.”  - Kitaro

Tito has also recorded with Mary Youngblood on the Silver Wave record label (www.SilverWave.com), of which BILLBOARD Magazine says: “La Rosa and Youngblood interweave North and South American winds like smoke..” La Rosa’s 2002 CD, “The Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor” was nominated for a Native American Music Award, for Best World Music Recording.

Tito is also a Curandero de Sonido, a Shaman of Music. When performing ritual and ceremony for healing, he enters into an altered state to bring forth sound that elevates the frequency of an individual and allows for healing and balance to occur.

La Rosa was a main presenter at the International Conference on Traditional Instruments in Contemporary Music, sponsored by the French Government. He also took part in “Heart and Hands: Musical Instrument Makers of America,” a Smithsonian traveling exhibit.

The Plan - Part 1, the Andes

On this journey, we will spend 8 days in the mountains in a small village near Huascaran, one of the largest mountains in the world (see top photo).  

There we will explore Andean philosophy and music. Each person will have the opportunity to learn the basics of playing several instruments and will learn their use as vehicles for healing.  We will visit and do ceremonies at sacred lakes, take steam baths in natural caves, see unimaginably beautiful vistas, and have an excursion and do ceremony at some of the most ancient archeological ruins in the world - all the while immersing ourselves in the beauty and timelessness of the Peruvian Andes and ancient Andean philosophy and culture.

The Plan - Part 2, the Amazon


After our time in the mountains, we will head for a beautiful retreat site in the upper Amazon.  Here we will deepen the work we started in the Andes with traditional Amazonian healing rituals and medicines while communing with the elements of nature.  We'll bath in sacred waterfalls, explore ancient jungle, and much, much more. 

This was probably the most transformational journey that I have taken to date.

All of my senses (mostly my sense of intuition) experienced massive growth as I came to know more about "what's going on" on this planet and beyond.

I am grateful for the courage given to Richard to lead such a powerful journey, as well as the courage I am given to have taken it.



The retreat to Peru was one of the most amazing experiences of my entire life. The beauty, the animals, and the level of self discovery was inspiring beyond measure.

This was a truly magical journey into the Soul by way of the jungle. Thank you Richard!



I can't even express in words how beautiful,  meaningful and wonderful these experiences are for all who attend.

Truly, new worlds are opened and explored.

Healing and growth occur on levels never imagined.

It is, without exaggeration, a Journey of a lifetime.

Richard is an amazing, transformational healer. His natural, intuitive healing abilities combined with his many years of experience and study with shamanic leaders in Peru makes him a maestro in his own right. In other words, he walks the walk and talks the talk. The key to his success is simple: He has the heart of a shaman utilized through love, compassion and service to others.

Go on one of Richard's journeys and you can't help but come back a changed person. I did.

  - Robin


The cost of this 16-day journey is only $3295 USD.  This covers all expenses within Peru other than airfare from your home to the Andes and airfare from the the jungle to your home, plus souvenirs, and gratuities from the heart offered to those who will be helping us beyond the value of money.

To fill out the application and for more information please visit heartfeather.com.

Thank you,

Richard Grossman





The Heart Feather Foundation

Ayni is a Quechua word that means "sacred reciprocity".  Those of you who have followed my story over the last 5 years know that I have received much from the culture and traditions of Peruvian Shamanism.  The Heart Feather Foundation is my best attempt to give back to those who have given me so much, to participate in Ayni.

The mission of Heart Feather Projects is to give back to those who have given so much. To support South American Shamanic healers in maintaining their traditional knowledge and wisdom. To support the indigenous children with education so they do not forget their culture, heritage, music, and language.

Further, in exposing people of other backgrounds and nationalities to the healing powers of the medicines of the Upper Amazonian and Andean regions, we will help to gain the financial resources to aid the indigenous healers in their work.

Heart Feather Projects will acquire land dedicated to the growth and study of traditional medicinal plants and for the protection of remaining natural ecosystems.

Through this we will promote the return of acquired land to the indigenous healers who will help in preservation and the restoration of land ravaged by resource extraction.

Your donations and support are greatly appreciated!A portion of all money received for Heart Feather Journeys is donated directly to The Heart Feather Foundation. Your donations and support are also greatly appreciated!  


Online Photo Gallery

Most of the photos displayed here, plus many more are available for viewing and purchase at  eyesoftheheart.zenfolio.com. A portion of all receipts is donated to The Heart Feather Foundation.



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