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Prem Rawat has been my teacher and guide for most of my adult life.  He speaks to people around the world about the possibility of knowing inner peace and contentment. His message is simple and profound. Speaking at the United Nations Conference Center in Bangkok, Thailand, he expressed “Peace needs to be in everyone’s life. Of all the things we have tried in this world, there is one thing we have never given a chance. That one thing is peace. If we want to hope for something, maybe we could hope in our heart that peace will come in our life. The peace that we are looking for is within. It is in the heart, waiting to be felt, and I can help you get in touch with it. It is not the world that needs peace; it is people. When people in the world are at peace within, the world will be at peace.”

Home page for Deena Metzger, writer, healer, teacher, and amazing human being. Deena and her husband, Michael Ortiz Hill brought the idea of Dare, or council to the United States through their contact and study with Augustine Kandemwa, and African Healer of great wisdom and beauty.

ASENSHA Life Transformation
Isabelle S. Trimble, CHT

Isabelle is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with a holistic, humanistic approach.
Also a certified Guided imagery practitioner, NLP practitioner,
breath and energy worker and gifted natural intuitive.

Do you want to realize, experience and express your own power?

Trimble's years of experience working with people of all cultural backgrounds informs her caring and thorough approach.
Isabelle can help you realize and express your gifts, develop a personal plan and empower you to carry it through.
See site for some areas of specialization.

Marla Leigh is a composer/performer who specializes in ethnic drums and flutes and also leads drumming retreats worldwide.

Porchia's W.I.S.H. - Dianne Porchia, MA 
Relationship Consultant & Stress Reduction Specialist
Communication skills for couples, families and co-workers.
Stress reduction training for maximizing health, immune function and mind performance.

Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory

Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory is located in Asheville, North Carolina, GSDL is a commercial medical laboratory specializing in advanced testing related to malabsorption, digestive analysis, parasitology, and hepatic detoxification. The lab maintains an active educational focus involving quarterly newsletters, research conferences, professional information services, and patient education. The lab is an active participant in university-based research and has current affiliations with the University of Illinois Medical School, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, the University of Virginia Medical School, and Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.

Wonder what's in Fast Food? Take a look here.  Close to 8,000 foods indexed.

New England Journal of Medicine
 The New England Journal of Medicine On-line includes the complete text of many features of the print Journal and partial text of others. The current issue is available on the Web every week beginning Thursday morning. Past issues from January, 1995 on are also available.

Glycemic Index Page

Everything you always wanted to know about how carbohydrates from different foods enter your blood. Important information for people wanting to lose fat.

Ask The Doctors

At Ask The Doctors, your personal medical question is sent, anonymously, to over sixty health care professionals around the world for their comments and advice.

The Strange Property of Stones

For a touch of lightness to this list, I've included The Strange Property of Stones. This is also a great site if you are seriously interested in the physical and metaphysical properties of the mineral kingdom. They sell unique, handcrafted jewelry and hair pieces, but also is a fun site to visit.  They offer everything from free gemstone postcards, a chat board, classifieds, search engines for astrological birthstones, and healing stone searches that result in specific gravity, hardness, the corresponding chakras and more.


Hyperhidrosis Treatment - Eliminate Hyperhidrosis of the hands, palm, & feet with Dr. Garza's world-renowned procedure at

Bellevue Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

Dr. Wu is certified in both Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine by the National Commission for
Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). Her Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Clinic locates in Bellevue Washington.

:Nutritional, Herbal, and Vitamin Supplements Guide
for health conscious consumers.

Egypt's International Yoga Festival

For the first time in Egypt and the Middle East, T.E.N Tours Egypt is organizing Egypt's First International Yoga Festival The festival will include seminars and practical Yoga workshops

Health Directory and Fitness Resource

On our health directory, you will find information about Anti-Aging, Alternative Medicine, Beauty, Child Health, Conditions and Diseases, Dentistry, Fitness, Health Directory, Medicine, Mental Health, Nursing, Nutrient and Nutrition, Occupational Health and Safety, Pharmacy, Health Professions, Reproductive Health, Senior Health, Senses, Weight Loss, Yoga, and more.



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