Testimonials about Dr. Richard Grossman's Work

Check out Richard Grossman's latest newsletter discussing autumn from a Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view. It's a different way of looking at the season, and I found it to be both interesting and informative. Dr. Grossman is my acupuncturist, and he is the best. I cannot say enough good things about his knowledge and practice. He is a true healer.|
     - Cassandra Tondro - Artist

There are no words to express my appreciation for all your help.  There is no doubt in my mind that if it were not for your skill I would not be able to function.  there is something to be said for acupuncture when orthopedists are shocked that with all my injuries I am able to walk.
       - Dahlia Berencia

An exquisite, multi-dimensional experience of sound & vibration!
Dr. Grossman creates a powerful, sacred opportunity to journey within,  blending his deeply committed healing presence with a rare gift for creating sound & vibration that expands, deepens, opens, and ultimately heals.   I felt completely nourished by the evening Ö my body relaxed & soothed, my mind clear & calm,  my spirit light & joyful.  Thank you!
       -Jennifer Ogden - Film Producer

Dr. Grossman's music combined with the acupuncture created an environment where profound, deep healing has occurred.
        - Anjika McEllroy

I have traveled across the universe on wings of golden light during your Sound Healing Session. It reminded me how we underestimate the true healing power of vibrations for our body, mind and soul.  It reminded me of the metaphysical, multidimensional being that I am.  Thank you for bringing me that comfort.
     -Glenn Pennock -  Director Desktop Marketing, Matchcraft

There are many ways of entering altered states of consciousness through the use of sound. The gong played masterfully by Dr. Grossman produces an exquisite ethereal resonance so that a journey to other realms is easily realized.  I simply did not want the experience to end.
        -John Ketarkus - Journey to the Heart

Your sound took me into places I have never been before. It cleared my mind, took me out of the past, out of the future and dropped me square into the infinite present. My imagination was inspired. Images came rapidly and easily. I can't wait to do it again. To dance with this music would be sublime. The night brought me deep and peaceful sleeping. The day after was calm, yet freely animated. Thank you many times over.
        -Cheryl Planert, MFT, ADTR , Movement Psychotherapy

I ended up there (at a Healing Sound Workshop) a bit by accident.  My boyfriend asked me to come over at the last minute (literally). I was stunned by the passage of time.  I thought we were there for 40 minutes or so.  Then I realized that it had been over 90 minutes. I love meditation and this was like meditation being permeated with sound and vibration.
        -Tara Perry, Acupuncturist, Acupuncture Instructor

As a record producer and recording engineer, I am extremely sensitive to the tonal and dimensional properties of sound. The amazing sounds that Richard Grossman magically conjures on his instruments are truly multi-dimensional and will take you on as deep a journey into the mystic as you are ready to experience.
        -Kit Thomas, Visionsound Productions

Dr. Grossmanís work with the meridians as an acupuncturist enriches his healing skills through the amazing sound work he provides. When he performed at a Yoga retreat I led, everyone was fully transported to a place they had never been before. This was a profoundly beautiful and enriching experience.
        - Julie Carmen, Yoga Instructor, Malibu Yoga

Dr. Grossman is a truly rare healer. He delivers a divine experience combining sound and acupuncture. He has profound life insights and treats in a holistic manner, and he delivers all of this with great wit and humility.
        -Kim Kindersley, Founder of Heart Magic Documentary Film Maker

Time stopped when Richard played at our wedding service at the Malibu West Beach Club. Not only that, but all the people walking by on the beach stopped to listen, completely mesmerized by the amazing tones that they had never before heard.
        -Marc Bachrach, Certified Clinical Hypnotist

The power of your healing through sound and acupuncture is in the beautiful vibration that remains in the body long after the session ends!
        -Soula Saad, Musician and Concert Producer

Dr. Grossman's healing work is quite miraculous whether in the form of acupuncture or sound and music. He is truly wise and skilled and I feel safe and secure when I place my health in his remarkable hands.
        -Rabbi Stan Levy
            Congregation Bnai Horin-Children of Freedom

Richard is a master of healing in both mind and body. He is able to go directly to the pain and heal it. I have learned much from him. He has the gift.
        -Catalina Ureta, Trauma Healing Specialist.

Dr. Grossmanís sound technology, combined with acupuncture is the most relaxing and deep reaching state I have ever experienced. His sessions leave me relaxed, rejuvenated, invigorated, and confident. It is a most rewarding experience.
        -Jay Grossman, D.D.S.

My breath and my whole physical being became one with the vibrations of the music. I was transported beyond the small room into vast realms where my consciousness roamed unhindered. Dr. Grossmanís creative ability coupled with his sensitivity as a healer is a key to the deeply felt resonance with our body and Spirit.
        -David Sonnenschein, Author, Musician, Healer

Richard Grossman and I have worked together on several occasions, and I speak from direct knowledge when I say that his beautiful sounds take individuals and groups to very deep places within themselves.
        -Stephan A. Schwartz, Research Associate, Cognitive Sciences Laboratory; Author

Richardís connection with healing sound takes us to a place integral to the healing process. His participation in retreat settings is invaluable in helping connect to Source.
        -Bryce Ellory, Yoga Teacher/Retreat Leader

Iím deeply grateful for Richardís work with sound and itís accompaniment with acupuncture. I found it deeply transformative to body, spirit and psyche. He is a master of the deep traditions of the gong and healing music that he now uses in a totally original way. Highly recommended.
        - Mary Wright, Artist



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