Mission Statement

My highest professional value is contributing and assisting in the transformation of humanity into more conscious, healthy, compassionate, and whole beings. 

To do this in my healing practice I use a three stage process: 

  • First. to remove pain and relieve symptoms. 
  • Second. to correct the underlying imbalances in a person, be they physical, chemical, nutritional, emotional,  or spiritual. 
  • Third, to assist and educate a person in living their newfound life, maintaining their optimal level of health, and guiding them in a spirit of cooperation and wellness. 

To achieve this, I maintain my own life with the highest degree of spiritual growth, integrity, and love for and from  my family and my extended family of friends and patients.  I strive to maintain myself at the top of my profession by continual study and learning, and by having a deep concern for the health and well-being of my patients.. 

The successful return to health of my patients, their ability to maintain there new-found health, and the quality of service I provide them is of the utmost importance.  I am here for the long haul for my patients. 

Further, I am committed to creating an environment where people can come and experience a moment of peace and harmony in an out-of-balance world, be that in my office, or a place of spiritual and physical retreat.


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