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Provided by Richard Grossman, L.Ac., O.M.D., Ph.D.

Volume 3, Issue 26
Tuesday, February 09, 2010

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  • Genetic Testing is a Reality Now!


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The Human Genome Project is revolutionizing the practice of medicine


I have some incredible news for you today:  Affordable genetic testing is a reality now, and is available through my office!  No longer a science fiction pipe-dream, measuring your genetic individuality is now a practical and cost-effective reality.

Knowledge is Power!

Imagine knowing what your genetic vulnerability to some of the most life threatening diseases might be.  Now imagine the peace of mind in knowing, without doubt, what you can do to truly help prevent these diseases from occurring? 

You have the power to begin to take the reins of your health destiny into your own hands.

We’ve all heard about the health nut who eats a perfect diet, runs 10 miles a day, has the cholesterol of an 18 year old vegetarian, and who drops dead of a heart attack at 40.  The question has to by Why??  The answer is often found in individual mutations in the genetic code.

This is not a rare problem

Genetic defects are not rare - some have a prevalence of over 50%. The good news is the way these genes affect health can be modified by changes in nutrition, diet, herbs, and lifestyle.

Who Should Take These Tests?

Ideally, everyone should take every test, but they are especially important if there is a history of heart problems, cancer, osteoporosis, allergies, asthma, etc.  These tests are also important if any family members have any of these conditions. 

What Do The Tests Show?

The most important thing about these tests is that they only test for health challenges caused by genetic defects that can be easily treated by natural methods.  Hence, there will be no SNP's tested that show illnesses that are not treatable.  The three profiles available today are the Osteo Genomics Profile, The Cardio Genomics Profile and the Immuno Genomics Profile. 

Never too young

Also, you are never too young to take these tests.  Parents could discover if their children need extra nutritional support or dietary change long before any diseases have a chance to develop.  That can be true peace of mind.

Easy to do

Genetic testing is very easy to do.  All the tests may be done either in the privacy of your home, or in my office. Once done, in just a week or two, we’ll review the results.  Also, these tests and the follow up consultation can be done almost anywhere.  No office visit is necessary if you live far away from my office!

Total Confidentiality

A great deal of extra care has been taken to insure total confidentiality of your records.  If requested, these test can be run anonymously.

What is available now

This is a rapidly growing science.  At this time, we have focused on the main risk areas that are easily modified with nutritional and herbal therapy. These tests show possible genetic problems relating to the heart, the immune system, and the bones.   The laboratory I work with will be coming out with more tests into the future, including one that measures detoxification abilities in a couple of months.

I'm Ready, How Can I Do These Tests?

Simply reply to this email with your telephone number and address or give my office a call at 310-293-9475. 



And now, the technical stuff (This is for those who want deeper information)

These defects are called “Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms”, and are known to researchers and doctors as "SNPs" (snips).  These are mutations in the genetic code that can impair the production of certain proteins or enzymes. These in turn increase the risk of developing many chronic diseases. The combination of genetic screening and functional testing can identify individuals at increased risk and monitor the efficacy of prevention and treatment strategies.

We inherit a set of genes from each parent.  This is the main reason a doctor will ask you about the health of your parents and grandparents.  There are only three possible combinations of genetic information we can inherit in each location.  First, you inherit, at a given genetic location, two sets of SNP’s that do not have a negative effect.  In this case, you are the “George Burns” of the genetic world.  You can drink, smoke, etc. and will likely live a long life.  The second option is that you will inherit one good SNP, and one negative SNP.  In this case, you will need to take care of your health with modifications to diet and lifestyle to avoid disease.  The third case is that you will inherit two bad SNP’s, one from each parent.  In this case, you are at a greater risk of developing disease, and you will need to take extra care and regular monitoring to prevent disease.

Details on the Profiles

Cardio Genomic Profile
Identifies genes that influence regulation of blood pressure, cholesterol, inflammation, blood clotting, and vitamin/nutrient metabolism. These markers provide improved clinical insight into risk factors for atherosclerosis, hypertension, and coronary artery disease, for more effective prevention of the number one cause of death.

Osteo Genomic Profile
Measures genetic variations associated with increased risk of bone loss, altered bone metabolism and osteoporosis, including collagen synthesis, calcium metabolism, vitamin D3 activity, parathyroid hormone action, osteoclast (cells that destroy bones) activity, and chronic inflammation. This test is especially important for women as it shows if you need more than routine therapy to effectively prevent the disabling effects of "brittle bone" disease as they age.

Immuno Genomic Profile
Identifies increased genetic risk of developing defects in immune regulation and defense. Markers affect the production and activity of specialized immunologic substances. These immunologic markers may lead to conditions characterized by chronically increased inflammatory conditions, including asthma, a tendency towards allergies of all kinds, bone loss, heart disease, infectious diseases and possibly some forms of cancer.


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