Healing Points Issue 40

Provided by Richard Grossman, L.Ac., O.M.D., Ph.D.

Volume 5, Issue 41   
Tuesday, February 09, 2010


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Here we are at the beginning of another, the Year of the Monkey.  It is a great privilege to continue to serve you by providing Healing Points, treatments in my office, and Healing Sound performances.

The beginning of the year will (finally) birth the first of the Healing Sound CD's that I have created. They should be for sale sometime in the next few weeks! I'm also hoping this year to expand the Healing Sound performances, and possible share this with other communities on the West Coast.  Please let me know if you know of any locations that would appreciate my work in this magical area.

Also, please visit my Blog for the latest news items and research that I find important to all of our health.

 I wish all a wonderful New Year.  May this coming year be filled with blessings, joy, prosperity, and great health! 


An Invitation

On  Monday January 26, 2004  another group sound-healing experience will be held at The Elder Tree in Topanga Canyon. I cannot put into words how wonderful, healing and transformative these evens have been.  I've heard stories of miraculous insights and healings from many participants. 

The time will be from 7:30 till about 9:00pm, and a $15.00 donation is requested, though no one will be turned away for lack of funds. All are invited to enjoy this profound experience of healing and consciousness. Please RSVP if you would like more information or reservations as space is somewhat limited.

If you can't make this one, the next Monday Evening Sound Healing event will be held on February 23, 2004, and the following on March 29th, so mark your calendars!  A full schedule for 2004 can be found at my Calendar of Events page.

The Hyperdimensional gong

Richard Grossman is an acupuncturist in Santa Monica CA, who has, for some time now, been exploring the transformational and healing properties of music and sound. What he does is really quite extraordinary. Using indigenous instruments and the like, he performs once a month in the back of a store (The Elder Tree) in Topanga, creating amazing shamanistic soundscapes. This isn't New Age; it's something way more intense and powerful than that. Think Steve Roach. These are the realms Richard is exploring.

He has this gong. Hand-crafted in Germany I believe. But, it's more than a gong. Oh yes, he starts out doing a traditional gong sound. Then he strokes the surface of the gong and higher pitched vibrato sounds emerge and begin melding, merging, and playing off against the deep low gongs. It becomes louder, more intense; suddenly there's many more higher voices and lower tones, while the power and force of the sound continues building.

It just puts me Someplace Else. I find it transformational, and afterwards, am more centered, with new ideas and paths to follow.

These soundscapes go on for an hour or so, starting slowly with indigenous instruments, before moving into the gong, and Richard seems as amazed as anyone by the sounds that emerge from it. When it's over, you find yourself staring at the gong thinking maybe Portals really do exist.

Bob Morris

The Other Side of the Ephedra Controversy

With all of the negative (well earned) publicity ephedra has received in the past weeks, including being banned for use in weight loss supplements by the FDA, this piece of news is really important for suffers of upper respirator disorders like colds, flu, asthma, bronchitis, etc.  I've personally used Ma Huang containing formulas in my office for over 20 years, and have never seen an adverse reaction. 

Chinese herbalists laud U.S. exemption for ephedra

By Elinor Mills Abreu SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters)

When U.S. regulators said they would ban the use of ephedra in weight-loss supplements on Tuesday they allowed an exemption for practitioners of Chinese medicine who have been using the herb for thousands of years to treat ailments ranging from asthma to fevers.

Synthetic ephedra-based weight loss pills sold over the counter can be harmful when taken in large doses and by people who have heart ailments, high blood pressure and other health problems, the FDA said.

But when taken properly under a health practitioner's supervision, the herb -- also known as ma huang -- is good medicine, according to several trained Chinese herbalists.

Ephedra can help people overcome asthma attacks, colds and other health problems, practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine said on Tuesday after U.S. health officials banned ephedra-based weight-loss pills citing risks of stroke and heart attack.

Ephedra "should not be in dietary weight loss products. That's not the proper use of it," said Robert Wright, a licensed acupuncturist who has a private practice in Napa, California.

"It's commonly used for colds, in short-term, small-dose use," he added. "It's a great herb, when used properly by trained professionals."

Ephedra "is one of the best things you can prescribe for someone who is having an asthma attack," said Suzanne Friedman, director of the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Medical Qigong Clinic in San Francisco, where alternative medical treatments like herbs and acupuncture are widely practiced.

"It's a very respected herb, one of the first, if not the first, herb you learn in Chinese medical school," she said. "When misused for weight loss or keeping people awake or keeping them energized, that's a complete misuse of the herb and it could lead to health problems."

The herb, which stimulates the central nervous system and acts like a bronchial dilator, has reportedly been in use for 5,000 years and has been traced back to classical medical texts in the 1st or 2nd century, according to Charlotte Furth, a history professor at the University of Southern California who specializes in ancient Chinese medicine.

"If you look at the Ming dynasty texts on Chinese medicine, ma huang was certainly a widely used drug, but the doctors warned against using it in large quantities," she said.

Ma huang was used to bring on a sweat in treating fevers, Furth said, adding: "It's a very important drug."

Ma huang, whose Latin name is ephedra sinica, comes from a cone-bearing shrub indigenous to China that is also found in the Mediterranean, India, Iran and western South America.

Extracts of ma huang have been used in over-the-counter drugs since the 1920s, but attention has focused on health risks in recent years.

Even so, athletes have been known to take ephedra and related compounds because they can increase energy and endurance by increasing the flow of blood to the muscles.

Baltimore Orioles pitching prospect Steve Bechler died in February from heat stroke. A medical examiner said the athlete's use of an ephedra supplement contributed to his death.

Ephedra has been banned by the U.S. Olympic Committee.

(Additional reporting by Frank Tang in New York)

Copyright © 2003 Reuters Limited.


A thought:

We are like tourists here,
wherever this place we call here is.


A great Turkish poet said "don't make your home in the train station."

This earth, this wonderful planet we live on, is a train station where we live in that all too short space between birth and death.

So, in a way, in a very real way, we are just visiting.

What would it be like
to live this life like a
tourist, knowing:

every thing
you experience, every sound, every sight, every taste, every smell, every touch,  you are experiencing
for the very first time.

And every thing
you are experiencing,
you are experiencing
for the last time.

Every face you see, fresh.

Every touch of a lover, new.

Every laugh of a child, a sound never before heard.

Every bit of food, a sensation never before experienced.

Each and every event, something to be cherished for it's value exceeds that of any thing.

Every breath, an new breath. Filling the heart with gratitude just for existence itself.

Imagine the
of living such a Life.

This is my wish and my prayer for you in this
New Year.

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