Essential For Good Health

A balanced and optimal nutrient intake is essential for good health. Today's lifestyles and eating habits often result in many people not even meeting the minimum nutrient intake needed to prevent disease. Also, because each person in a unique biochemical individual, the Recommended Daily requirements (RDA) may not be adequate. Other factors such as pregnancy, heavy exercise, recovery from illness, use of caffeine, birth control pills, smoking, pollution exposure, dieting, food addictions and drug and alcohol use can increase individual nutritional requirements.

Borderline nutritional deficiencies can be found in all segments of the population. These often manifest in vague symptoms that defy normal classic deficiency symptoms. Even eating a perfectly balanced diet is rarely enough. A study reported in the Journal of Applied Nutrition compared the value of organically grown food to commercially grown food. Their analysis showed that the organic foods tested had an average of 90% more nutritional factors than were in the same foods that were commercial grown.

Deficiency Stage Symptoms

Preliminary Inadequate availability of vitamins and minerals.

  • Biochemical Enzyme-coenzyme activity depressed.


  • Appetite loss (or gain), general malaise and fatigue, undefined symptoms, insomnia, and increased irritability.


  • Increased malaise and fatigue, loss (or gain) of body weight, beginning of deficiency syndromes.


  • Specific diseases established. Without restoring missing elements, death may result.

At the turn of the century, classic deficiency diseases like scurvy, pellagra, and beriberi were common as a result of chronic vitamin and mineral deficiencies. These conditions are rare today in the United States. Yet often unrecognized is the fact that, as in all areas of health, there is a continuum of deficiency, e.g. there is a gradual sequence of nutrient depletion.

The first three stages are marginal deficiencies. Often these symptoms are vague and don't follow any real pattern. Often there will be general feelings of tiredness, depression, insomnia, poor concentration and memory, irritability, etc. There will be greater susceptibility to colds, and the general quality of life will be disappointing.

The Best (second) Insurance Policy

Preventing deficiency disorders by supplying the diet with at least a broad-spectrum multivitamin/mineral supplement is like having an extra health insurance policy. However, not any supplement will be of value. It should have features consistent with latest nutritional science, including mixed anti-oxidant support with mixed carotenoids, an adequate and balanced vitamin profile, and balanced bicyclic, dipeptide-like amino acid chelated multi-minerals. It should be in a form that is free of common allergens including yeast, soy, milk, egg, wheat, corn and artificial coloring and preservatives. Also, It should be tableted in a manner that allows it to dissolve in the stomach within 30 minutes of ingestion. Of course all of the supplements I supply to my patients via the Performance Foundation Health Program conform to these important requirements.


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